How Do You Measure the Financial Value of Your Data?

The rise of big data has transformed data and analytics into opportunities with real economic value. But how do you account for the value of your data?

Learn how to maximize the economic value of data and analytic assets across your organization with an effective assessment framework.

The value of data is staggering

What's the global economic valuation of data?

Try again!

Try again!

McKinsey Global institutes estimated the potential economic valuation of data at nearly $3 trillion. 1

And, given the explosion of data volume in the intervening years and how data has been used to develop new sources of revenue, it’s clear that its value is growing.

If correctly accounted for, data and analytics can play a critical role in determining an organization’s financial valuation

When Facebook launched its 2012 IPO, it valued its aggregated user data on its balance sheet at nearly $6.6 billion. 2

AT&T accounted for their customer relationships at nearly $2.7 billion on their balance sheet in 2011. 3

Recognizing the potential value of data, organizations are increasingly counting data as a “corporate asset”

20% of large firms are accounting for data

According to a study by SAS in January 2016, nearly 20% of the large firms in the UK have started accounting for the value of their data. 4