Data Strategy: Controlling Your Information in a World of Digital Transformation

How To Drive Business Transformation

As much as 90% of corporate data is unstructured and growing by over 55% a year1.

As digital transformation continues to evolve, unstructured data and the information it contains, continues to accumulate at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, there is a constant threat of security breaches, data leaks, attacks on privacy and unintended infringement of compliance policies by your workers.

Your data is among your most valuable assets. However, if poorly governed and catalogued, your ability to extract accurate and meaningful insights from the data will be limited, and it will be a difficult to maximize its revenue potential.

For digital citizens to maintain trust in organizations they choose to engage with, proper governance of data is an obligation. For corporations to fully leverage their digital assets, proper governance of data is a must. With evolving and emerging regulations applying to your personal information and that of your customers, data governance is a fiscal imperative.

Take the journey through this e-book to learn how to drive business growth with a data strategy and the reasons why having a strategy is no longer a choice, but essential.

Why is a Data Strategy Critical?


Business data is projected to grow 56% year-over-year.2


It’s estimated that only 0.5% of the world’s data is being analyzed and less than 20% of all data is properly protected.3

33 to 175

The sum of the world’s data is expected to grow from 33 to 175 zettabytes by 2025.4